Saturday, February 27, 2010


People laugh at the Beggin' Strips dog treat commercials, you know where the dog is running around yelling Bacon! Bacon!
I think I know why. Because we see ourselves.
Yesterday at work the meat buyers got out the George Foreman and cooked off 5 lbs of a new Apple wood Smoked Bacon by Black Label. Oh my goodness, talk about a moth to a flame. The aroma of bacon cooking brought folks from their cubes from all over the building. Many had the same dazed look in their eyes as the dog in the commercial.
What is it about bacon?
It is so very bad for us, but I don't know many, me included, who don't love it. People were almost trampling each other for a taste of that smokey goodness. When the bacon was gone, they put some new brand of breakfast turkey sausage links on the grill which are much better for us, but you'd a thunk someone passed gas the way the crowd cleared out :)
I wonder if folks from other countries react to bacon the way we do? Would be an interesting thesis.