Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friends and Birthdays

I just celebrated my 56th birthday. Yikes!
My best friends, Back row l-r Jenn, Donna, me, Lizzie, front row l-r Sherri, Cheryl, Bern and Deb(not pictured) helped me celebrate in a flurry of Chinese food, way to funny age cards, a powdered donut cake, with yellow frosting that Cheryl made ( I'm not partial to cake, but love powdered donuts), laughter, and most of all an IPOD Nano. Now if I can figure out how to use it :) I just recently got a digital camera and thought I was uptown. But now. . .OMG I feel like I'm now part of the 21st century.
These people know me better than my family, and choose to be my friends anyway. Amid the kids, husbands, moms, jobs and everything else we all deal with, they are always there ready to listen, and help me deal with whatever I might be going through and always help me to see what is really important . I would be lost without them and I want them to know that I thank God for them everyday. . .I love you guys