Thursday, January 7, 2010


Got up this morning, Molly wanted out so I opened the curtains on the deck door. . . WHEN DID WE MOVE TO ANTARCTICA?????
The wind, the drifts the cold. Black ice, SUV drivers who think 4 wheel drive = 70 mph on the interstate. I-80 was littered with SUVs or as my boss refers to them, Suddenly Upside-down Vehicles. I hate the cold, I hate the cold, I hate the cold. I found out today why you should make sure your battery post and cables are clean and not covered with blueish-green corrosion crud. Apparently the electricity needed to start your car, especially when its this cold, can't happen if there is crud on the post. Jerry and Dave at work braved the cold and wind and jumped my car. Did I mention I hate the cold? Anyway as I sat at work and watched the wind move the snow around like sand dunes I found myself wondering what did the pioneers do when it got this cold? I sure they didn't whine, they just put on another layer and went about their business. Even with all the wind, snow and cold, God gave us one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring sights ever. A Gold and yellow sun dog this morning. It was gorgeous. And then on the way home after work there was another sun dog, a more tradition one with grays silvers and whites. So I quit whining and feeling sorry for myself and griping about the weather, cause even in all this bleakness, God reminded me he is still here, so don't sweat the stuff you have no control over. Take comfort in knowing that God is in control and after a winter like this He will provide a spectacular spring.
Stay Warm!

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  1. "Suddenly Upside-down Vehicles" - I'll have to remember that one. :)