Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God, mountains and the 3 Stooges

The new photo is of the front range in Rocky Mountain National Park at sunset as seen from the moraine. No, I did not take this one. Talk about drop to you knees beauty. This is the place I am closest to God. The mountains refresh and recharge me. When I am there and witness to one of these breath taking displays I know God has his paint brush in hand. How do I know?
Beats me.
I just know that I know that I know.

I know God loves me more than anything else he created. He's not always crazy about some of the things I do, but He loves me none the less
I know He will always be with me.
I know He has a great sense of humor. Why else would he have put the idea for that paddle ball thing in someones brain???
I know He loves to laugh
I know He thinks the 3 stooges are funny.
I know He loves music. Have you ever wondered what would be in God's ipod?
I know He's a great writer - Best seller.
I know He loves my dog as much as I do.
I know. . .I could go on and on.
It boggles my mind that the God of all that is or ever will be shares my life, cares for me, helps me pick myself up with I fall and then He has no memory of why I fell in the first place. That He loves me so much, He wants to be a part of my life.
How do I know that? Beats me. . .I just know that I know that I know.

What are the special things about God that He shares with you?

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