Monday, June 29, 2009


We just celebrated my mom's 80th birthday last Saturday. It was a surprise and boy did we surprise her. She insisted on no party and "Some fancy restaurant." So we had it at her favorite pizza place. When we walked in and she saw all her brother's, sisters their families and her friends she was got teary. Much pizza, calzones and mozzarella sticks were devoured. Many, many pictures and a whole bunch of fun. We all left Sam & Louis about 7pm and went to our house for cake, coffee and tea.
That's when the magic that is family appeared and spread over the living room like a nice warm blanket. Stories of deeds, and darings from days gone by. It's amazing how stories differs from kin to kin. Connecting again, renewing and remembering. I stood back and studied those around me whom I love so deeply. In the natural they are my strength & my comfort. There is a refrain from a song that goes, "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm sure where I come from." And we take great joy in that. A solid footing for us to stand on as we become who we are. God is a lot like that. He provides us with a solid footing on which we can grow and become who we are to be. Our path through this life is like a bunch of stepping stones across a huge body of water. God sets us on the path, showing us the way. But sometimes we become impatient and jump to other rocks we think will give us what we want, but they become slippery and unreliable in times of storm. Isn't it great to know that Jesus is standing there with us in the hardship and sadness of everyday life wanting nothing more than for us us to call on Him so he can save us and put our feet back on solid ground.

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