Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Brains

Yesterday was the 4th of July, a time of great fun, family and way to much food. It's also a time to be reminded of our freedoms and be thankful to those who have and are guaranteeing we keep them.
It is also the time when the phenomenon of Missing Brains afflicts millions of Americans. How can you spot someone who is suffering from this incurable disease? There are very distinct signs.
1. Scorched eyebrows
2. No hair on shins or forearms
3. Blisters on either or both thumbs and index fingers.

The most severe symptom? Loss of common sense.
Case in point: Normally you would place the artillery shells in the tube that comes with them, light the fuse, get a way, and the little ball of gunpowder and color travels high in the air and explodes in a breathtaking display.
So we, I mean my nephew Dan thought it would be neat to put one of those shells under a plastic bucket and light it. Now any rational person would have said no way, by those of us suffering from missing brain all shouted "Go for it."
So we, I mean he did. needless to say the bucket, buckets( we destroyed 5 before the night was over) flew high in the air and the ground level explosion of color was unbelievable. The entire neighborhood were watching by this time. I have also discovered the disease travels at a high rate of speed and is capable of afflicting many people at once, because the crowd was on there feet before the first bucket hit the ground screaming for more.
I do have to admit we had a great time. No serious injuries. Laughed non stop, and yes I have to admit, I loved it!
We have started to collect buckets for next year.

Must be the inhalation of gunpowder or something.

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  1. glad ya'll didn't go the way of the buckets!

    Ooh, and I see you have a puppy just for me. :)