Wednesday, July 22, 2009


There isn't anything on this earth that reduce an intelligent adult into a quivering, drooling nincompoop faster than passwords. And I don't mean the game! I have 11 different passwords to get into 11 different applications at work. In the last 4 days I have had to try, try being the optimum word here, to change them. SORRY, YOU HAVE USED THAT FORM OF WORD WITHIN THE LAST 27 TIMES, PLEASE SELECT AGAIN. Arrrgh! I have already used the pets names you could think of. My nephews, cousins, TV people, real and imagined. All the Food Network folks, Old AOL passwords, Cars etc. You get the drift. So today I had to give up and call the Help(less) Desk. I asked them why this has to be so difficult, I mean come on, we sell groceries, not uranium. The conversation with Eric went like this. . .
"This is Eric, how may I help you."
"This is Barb Hunt in Omaha, I need a couple of my passwords reset."
"Yes, the one for Biceps and Main."
"Your passwords are disabled."
(It was like I had walked into the middle of a bad comedy routine.)
"I know. that is why I'm calling. I want you to reset them so I can start over with my selections."
"Ah, I can help you with that. What is your Biceps sign-on and password."
"Eric my password is disabled."
"Yes, but I need it to sign in as you."
"Eric, my password is disabled."
"In order for me to mirror your session I need what your password was."
"Okay, my sign on is 107340 any my password is disibgh01"
"Thank you, it will just take a minute. . .this password doesn't work."
"Eric, That is why I am calling you!"
"Oh, here I can assign you one."
"I need two , I have two sessions down."
" Hold for a minute, I need to find out if I can give you two right now or not. I think I can only give you one per call. You might have to call back."
Silence. . .
"Barb, I just talked to Kim and she said it would be okay. Just a moment, I have to get you two secure passwords. We are required to keep track of all passwords we hand out. Comapny security is at stake."
"Great, what are they?"
'Now you will be prompted to change your password when you get signed in."
"Got it Eric what are they?"
"Okay, for Biceps use Summer and for Main use Spring."
"Wow those are secret, no one would ever think of those."
Go figure. My new passwords were inspired by my new friend on the help(less) desk Eric.
Dumbshit and Lamebrain


  1. Oh, you make me laugh. I'm so glad I don't have quite that problem with passwords... just have to have a card file to keep up with what goes to where. Sigh.

  2. I have a whole flippin' journal full of passwords - not in alphabetical order or anything.

  3. Speaking of passwords, do you know you have word verification turned on for your comments? It takes me THREE times to get it right and by then I've forgotten what I was saying.


    Go here.