Tuesday, July 28, 2009

These people are crazy!

My cousin Ian races Sprint cars. His is the black and green in the picture. I love him very much, but he is crazy! These speed machines fly around a dirt oval track upwards of 120 MPH. The saying is sit down, shut up, strap in and always turn to the left. Last Saturday night was a perfect race evening, so we went to Eagle Raceway. It had been many years since I've been to the races. Ian's dad, Monte was racing then. We turned off the highway to the track and the sprints were running their hot laps(practice runs). Just the sound of those engines made my heart beat a little faster. Once we got in, found my aunts and uncles who were there got something to eat, I was ready. Ian did okay, he kept all four wheels on the ground, thank God.
I do love to go and watch the Sprints and Modified run and pray the whole time
Ian is on the track. Of course its exciting, but I found myself Saturday night thinking about my dad and how I would had loved to be able to watch one more race with him. He loved racing, as a matter of fact when I was little, every Sunday evening was spent at Sunset Speedway.
I had forgotten how much I love the smell of hot anit-freeze and being pelted with dirt.

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